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Pins, Floats, Margins & Big Carps – Part 2

HOW TO DO IT… What is vital is the introduction of at least half a kilo of the boilies you intend to use on the hook. Tackle should be robust…

October 8, 2019

Pins, Floats, Margins & Big Carps

Pins, Floats, Margins and Big Carp – Part 1 My clients fish from 9.00am to 17.00pm or thereabouts. In all cases the fish have come in the margins, never more…

September 30, 2019

EUREKA – A blog by John Bailey

To find four fish like these has been something of a miracle these ten years past. Our gear was straightforward. We shared an Avon rod, Piscario pin, loaded with 10lb…

September 14, 2019

Carp for us all – John Bailey

We began on carp syndicate water close to home. It is around 12 acres in extent with a decent head of fish to upper thirties. We arrived around 8.30 am…

August 27, 2019

Bob & Paul – Piscario Pin Crazy by John Bailey

Filming is hectic and the boys were with the crew on another part of the lake, leaving me the time and quiet to get everything ready for blast off. Paul…

August 13, 2019